Our Consulting Model

At Complya we provide value to our consultants as well as clients. We also work across our 5 Pillars to provide all the elements you need to get your job done efficiently and effectively.

Raising the Bar

Get the job done – Complya is looking for hands-on consultants who like to roll up their sleeves and dive into a project.

You’re part of our team – Access to extra resources and knowledge means you don’t work alone on an island.

Go where you fit in – Our personalized PEARL Matching Process helps us identify the projects that are the most interesting and are the best fit for you.

More rewards, less risk – When you are part of our network, we are always looking for your next assignment so you have less down time and can focus on your work.

You’ve been there – Whether you are moving on from an in-house position, tired of being a solo act, or are unhappy with impersonal staffing firms, know that Complya is a company that will support you and your career.

Complya provides competitive benefits including health, dental and a 401K program.