Consultant Match

Unique Consultant Matching Process

At Complya, we use our unique 5-step consultant matching process to ensure clients get the right expertise level, personality and maximum value on each project. Whether you need a senior-level strategist to write a roadmap for compliance, or strong mid-level talent to review batch records, close overdue Deviations and CAPAs, or audit your suppliers, we can find the right person for the project.

Complya's unique 5-step consultant matching process


Whether you need a detail-oriented expert to review reams of analytical data, or a strong leader to facilitate strategic planning sessions, we listen carefully and identify the right person for the job.


Consultants are not “one size fits all.” We think hard about each consultant’s skills and background to best leverage their experience for the success of your project. With 50 consultants working with us, we have an extended network to draw from.


10 hours a day or 10 hours a year: we can identify a consultant with the availability to help out, whatever your need.


We give you the best value on each project by factoring in your budget and selecting a consultant at the right level.


Our team consults across North America, and we are rapidly expanding in Europe and Asia. If you need on-site project help, chances are we will have someone available.